UHWC call for support in response to Shurat HaDin's slander and lies

Date: 26th February, 2014


UHWC call for support in response to

Shurat HaDin's slander and lies


Israeli violation continues in the Gaza Strip, and none of the international humanitarian law is respected from the Israeli occupation, they still tighten the siege that has been imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2007, and affected all aspects of life, mainly the health system where medications, medical disposables, medical equipments and spare parts are not available all the time. All health providers are facing obstacles entering them to Gaza Strip, in addition to the difficulties patients are facing when they are trying to travel abroad for treatment.

The siege and the Israeli violation put a lot of burdens on all health providers; one of the main health providers in Gaza Strip is Union of Health of Work Committees (UHWC), a grassroots; voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental, Palestinian organization was founded in 1985 to narrow the gap in the health system in Palestine by providing primary and secondary health care services, alongside with cultural and community services.

Applying the slogan of UHWC "Health service is a right to whoever needs it", UHWC directs its services, programs, and different activities to those who are poor and marginalized in the Palestinian Society mainly (Women and Children) regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, and political background.

Union of Health Work Committees publishes all its activities through its website, social media pages and reports which can be accessed easily by everyone, all financial procedures are audited annually by external auditor where after it is published on the websites and included in the annual reports, and everyone in the general public can access them. UHWC’s partners are from different National and International Organizations that have credibility and expertise and constantly follows up on all financial and administrative details for all implemented projects and programs.

These Nationals and International Organizations testify to the high level of commitment of UHWC in the implementation of signed bilateral agreements in accordance to the required administrative and financial standards and for its high level of transparency and high degree of quality in the implementation of activities and without any whatsoever prejudice to any political, religious or ethnic parties or even geographical areas, knowing that UHWC gives priority in targeting geographically marginalized, poorest areas )Refugee camps and borderlines).

The beneficiaries from projects and programs targeted by UHWC are selected according to a clear and written selection mechanism which cannot be bypassed by any personal, political party, political affiliations, religious or ethnic considerations. Anyone can visit our facilities where projects are being implemented to see the reality of what we do.

UHWC is strongly aware that the attacks on its reputation by the (Shurat HaDin Center) in Feb. 20th 2014 are only a reaction to the successful development work through which UHWC is executing to support Palestinian through providing comprehensive health services alongside with cultural services.

UHWC believes that Oxfam has come under fire from (Shurat HaDin Center) after (Johansson’s) quite her role as a global ambassador for Oxfam since 2007, to take over (SodaStream) row, knowing that (SodaStream) is located in the Mishor Adumim industrial park within the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim in the West Bank.. We believe that any economic co-operation and social interaction between Israel and Palestine will never succeed to happen on a stolen land by the Israeli Occupation.

UHWC and Oxfam has a very strong relationship and partnership since 2006 where both parties have implemented programs and projects to provide essential & emergency health services to the needy Palestinians.



The false accusations launched these days by (Shurat HaDin) against UHWC and with its partner working with them in humanitarian field in Gaza Strip – Oxfam, are pure lies with the purpose to limit UHWC’s activity and its national and humanitarian role, represented in providing comprehensive health services to the needy and the poorest of the poor in the Gaza Strip.


This is not the first time for Shurat HaDin to attack Palestinian Civil Society institutions; many of the Palestinian institutions were targeted and attacked:


-          Al Haq, which has been accused to be the leader of the law fare movement.

-          Adalah, a first report was published in 2003, entitled “Adalah and the Impact of Legal-based NGOs in the Arab-Israeli Conflict”, and reports continue to be published until recently when a report was published in February 2012 condemning Adalah for supporting BDS.

-          PNGO, which has been targeted since the Durban Conference as being the leader of  Durban Conference Agenda.

-          Addameer.

-          Hebron Rehabilitation Committee.

-          Palestinian Children’s Welfare Fund.

-          Ma’an News.

-          Palestinian Center for Human Rights.

-          Badil, a first report was published in January 2005, “Badil- promoting extreme Palestinian refugee demands”.



And recently , Union of Agriculture Work Committees (AUWC) were attacked by the same center in 2012 , and were previously investigated thoroughly by the Australian government’s Federal Police and intelligence services, and were found to be completely unsubstantiated.


UHWC has close and strong ties with most of the working international humanitarian organizations in different parts of the world and also with peace lovers, the pride of UHWC comes from what it offers to the Palestinian society through providing comprehensive health, cultural and community services to those who face very hard living conditions due to the very bad economical, social and political situation in the Gaza Strip.


With this letter, UHWC calls all Institutions and personalities that believe in the values of freedom, justice and equality to address this attack on Palestinian and international civil institutions and other stakeholders which is targeted now by this institution administered by the Israeli occupation.


Union of Health Work Committees

Gaza Strip

 تحميل الملف

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  • Meena

    No, the context is not copmelx.What I am trying to say by context being copmelx is the whole history of the region in the modern period, and not starting with Zionism, particularly. Palestinian national consciousness relative to Arab national consciousness co-develop over the Ottoman period, influenced by ideas coming from various places. The fellahin as well as the elites had varying understandings of their identity as Palestinian Arabs responding to Ottomans. Then they are forced to respond t

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  • Tim Agami

    The Oxfam BDS on the American radio network, NPR, was the work of the American audience of those radio stations. It was unconnected to any outside group or foreign influence. It was a spontaneous and overwhelming outpouring of American opinion rejecting completely the claims that Oxfam is an acceptable charity for American donations. They are considered to be the voice of the enemy in the United States, and for good reason.

    22:57 - 27 Feb, 2014 Report Abuse