50 complicated operations have been conducted by The Australian Delegation and UHWC team

Union of Health Work Committees said goodbye to the Australian Medical Delegation Friday 13th 2014 headed by Prof. David Croaker – Specialist Pediatric surgeon and Paul Chicchio – Operation Nurse, that visited UHWC on 2nd Feb. 2014 to conduct sophisticated Surgical operations at al Awda Hospital.

The delegation screened during the course of the mission about 80 cases in the outpatient clinic and succeeded to operate in around 50 cases at Al Awda hospital with 5 operations per day, in addition to train our local staff and exchange experience.

In a special interview with Prof. David he said “we came to provide services to the children of Gaza maybe because of the lack of equipments”, he added “our visit aimed to train the local staff and exchange experience and to remind the people of Gaza that we all living in the same planet and breath the same air…and we have to remind ourselves of that”.

In the meanwhile, we had a special talk with the father of 7 years child (M.M.) who was operated by the delegation, he said “we tried to get the approval of treating our son broad in Egypt, but when we heard that UHWC are hosting a new Australian Delegation, we can to al Awda Hospital seeking this service”, he added that “Al Awda Hospital in a well known hospital by the quality of services provided, not only in the north of Gaza , but also in the whole Gaza Strip”.

It’s worth mentioning that these delegations are part of the Children First Project that is implemented by UHWC since around 10 years and are separated into three categories:

  •  Bringing Medical Delegation to operate in very complicated Cases.
  •  Bringing Medical Delegation for in-service training ( training our medical local Stuff)
  •  Sending some sophisticated pediatric cases that are not operable n the Gaza Strip due to lack of resources and equipping to Australia for long treatment.

UHWC considered these visits as a high priority services to improve the capacity and knowledge of our local staff, and helping our people get access to the best international medical teams at home.

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