The first session of the workshop "Launching the work of the Strategic Plan 2019-2023 of the UHWC"

In the framework of "launching the work of the Strategic Plan for the years 2019-2023 of the UHWC", the Union organized an extensive workshop to clarify and define the strategic directions for the next five years.

The workshop was attended by members of the Board of Directors, Executive Branch, members of the General Assembly, Directors of health centers and coordinators of the community centers of the UHWC, in addition to the strategic partners and some of beneficiaries. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Sulayman  Shaheen , the President of the Management Board, presented the overall objective of the workshop. While Mr. Raafat Al Majdalawi, the Acting Executive Director, mentioned the main axes of the UHWC Strategic Plan, which are the situation of the UHWC in 2019, review the Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives of the UHWC, target groups, the service provided and work areas and the lessons learned and prospects for future development. Dr. Said Abu Jalal, the Expert adviser, provided detailed explanation of these four axes.

During the workshop, focused groups were organized to discuss the four main axes of the strategic plan by dividing the audience into eight groups, which each group dealt with one axis for discussion.

The UHWC is looking forward to the preparation of a strategic plan that will lead the UHWC in a well-planned future. The strategic plan presents what is being planned for the next five years to develop services and centers at the level of the Strip.

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