UHWC provides the urgent health services for 8.9% from the total number of injuries of Great Return of March


The staff of UHWC along the Gaza Strip provided the First Aid and urgent health services to 1682 injured from the total number of injuries of Great Return of March from 30th ,March up to 31st ,August believing in its humanitarian and national role and applying its slogan " Health Service Is a Right to whoever needs it "

The staff of Al Awda Hospital that affiliated to UHWC in the north of the Gaza Strip provided its urgent health services and hospitalized services to 625 injured during the above mentioned period which represented 32.7% from the hospitalized providing services in the northern of the Gaza Strip. Injuries had varied between Gas Inhalation , rubber bullet ,Gunshot and others while 127 urgent surgical operations were undergone ( urological , orthopedic and general surgeries ) . Moreover, paramedic of the hospital provided field services to 284case in the field and TSPs.

In a related context, the medical teams in both Al Awda Health Center in Rafah and Al Khairia Health and Community centers in Al Nusairat that affiliated to UHWC provided the health field urgent services to ---- case through their existence in TSPs and near the fence areas .

UHWC assures on its leading role in providing health services to needy patients and injured of the Great Return of March and applying our slogan " Health Service is a Right to whoever needs it "


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