UHWC staff served 6.56 % of the total causalities in the 6th Friday in the Great Return March

For the 6th Friday, and in light of the current situation and the popular march to participate in the Great Return of March, Union of Health Work Committees with Al Awda hospital team and Rafah health center, treated and provided first aid to (75) casualties which represented 6.56% of the total casualties (1143) that was reported by MoH.

According to the statistics of Al Awda hospital (largest facility to Union of Health Work Committees in the northern Gaza strip), the toll injuries arrived Al Awda Hospital were (22) casualties among which there were (2) women and (5) children and only one case was underwent urgent surgical operation, meanwhile the paramedics of UHWC transfer (21) cases from Trauma Stabilization Points (TSP) to Al Awda hospital, and (10) cases from the field to the TSPs.

Meanwhile, the team of Al Awda health center in Rafah– one of UHWC affiliated PHCCs in Rafah- treated and provided first aid to (53) injured people in the TSP eastern Rafah.

Union of Health Work Committees from the start of the Great Return March in 30th March 2018 to 5th May 2018, provided health services and Frist aid services to 802 casualties which represents 10.16% of the total casualties along the Gaza Strip which is more than 7900 causalities according to MoH.

It’s worthy to mention that Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC) administration declared a state of emergency and put the Al Awda hospital and its five primary health care centers (PHCCs) in state of emergency to contribute in the provision of medical care. Where UHWC works in an integrated manner with humanitarian organizations and Ministry of Health (MoH).

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