After a long suffering .. Shadia is back to healthy life

Shadia Taweel... 37 years old; is a Palestinian refugee woman who lives in Al Bureij Refugee Camp, middle of the Gaza Strip. Before 3 years, she felt abdominal distention. At first, she thought that she is gaining weight, but by time, it gets larger and she went to UNRWA clinic in Al Bureij camp, where the doctor there referred her immediately to the governmental hospital in the middle area... This was 5 months before the operation was done.

When she went there (Middle area governmental hospital), the specialist examined her, and told her she had a big mass around the left ovary and needed an urgent surgical operation to extract it, therefore at this hospital, they couldn’t do the operation, and referred her to the governmental hospital in Gaza city ( Al Shifa).

At Al Shifa hospital, after examining Shadia, they applied her an application to be treated abroad because of the complexity of the surgical operation needed to be done, but unfortunately she was denied access by the Israeli Occupied Forces, to go and be treated in a hospital inside the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt). Knowing that she applied twice for the permit, but she was denied having the approval. Shadia in not the only person to be denied access to the hospitals in oPt, this happens a lot with many patients who seek further treatment where they was deprived their right to health, and accessing appropriate health services.

Shadia and her family didn’t give up hope, and she came to al Awda Hospital seeking consultation, after a high recommendation from a retired surgeon.

Shadia and her husband came to the Obs. and Gynecology outpatient clinic at Al Awda hospital – the largest facility to Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC) in northern Gaza strip, the Ob. & Gyn. Consultant / Dr. Adnan Radi, decided to do the operation immediately within less than 48 hours after good evaluation and complimentary examination (Abdominal CT, Abdominal Ultrasound, and Biochemistry).

Dr. Radi decided to operate as an urgent case, and called all the surgical team and the oncologist and urgently prepared the operation room to do the surgical operation.

Shadia, was suffering a 40-50 cm tumor around the left ovary, where the tumor was pressing on the chest, heart, diaphragm and kidney, she was hardly breathing and couldn’t sleep or walk, Shadia was living a catastrophic life.

This could threaten her life if the operation was not done immediately, Dr. Radi and the team extracted more than 15 liter of turbid fluid from the tumor with 2 solid small cysts, where samples of the solid cysts and the fluid were sent to the laboratory for pathology tests and more investigations and later on the result came up with having a borderline tumor.

Shadia after the operation is done was extremely happy to get rid of the abdominal distention, the first thing she did after waking up... was touching her abdominal area to see that the abdominal distention was gone with all the suffering it brought .. She went into tears and thanked Dr. Radi and the team for the marvelous efforts in saving her life.

Now, Shadia is enjoying a healthy life, with good breathing and good kidney function, she is doing a regular visits to Al Awda hospital for evaluation.


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