Shorouq Ismael is now enjoying normal life

Shorouq Ismael, who is a 13 years old patient, lives in Jabalia Refugee Camp. She was suffering acute follicular tonsillitis, which forced her to go to an E.N.T. specialist at UNRWA clinic seeking a treatment, who referred her directly to a governmental hospital for immediate treatment.

Based on her condition, doctors at the governmental hospital admitted her for 6 days and gave her immediately an intravenous antibiotic for the treatment of symptoms.

The suffering didn’t stop at this point, shourouq is still complaining of hypertrophy of tonsils, and when she went back to the governmental hospital, the doctor decided to go for a tonsillectomy but after 11 months because of the very long waiting lists of the surgical operations, knowing that Shorouq had recurrent attack of follicular tonsillitis, and she is in bad need of urgent tonsillectomy.

Meanwhile, Shorouq’s father came to Al Awda hospital – largest facility to Union of Health Work committees (UHWC) - to check the possibility of going the tonsillectomy, and the doctors at Al Awda hospital ensured doing it immediately.

One final obstacle was facing shourouq, which is the unaffordability of her father to pay the fees of the tonsillectomy which coast 600 NIS (equivalent to 144.5 Euro), due to the very tough socio-economic situation in one hand, and above all the deduction of the fund to support UNRWA which affects patients directly. Knowing that, UNRWA is not covering the cost of the E.N.T. surgical operations for refugees, and refugees who have limited income, is forced to cover the fees of E.N.T surgical operations by themselves.

From UHWC ethical and social responsibility, Al Awda hospital director admitted Shorouq within 48 hours of her visit, and decided to do the operation (tonsillectomy) free of charge besides covering the fees of the follow up visits.

All fees were covered from the Needy Patient Support fund, which is established lately to cover the fees of health services to patients who are poor and needy and can’t afford paying the fees of services.

Shorouq is doing well now and totally recovered, and she is now enjoying her life and doing well at school.

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