Director of Third World Health Aid Belgium Organization visits UHWC

Within the partnership between Union of Health Work Committees and the Belgium Organization" World Third Health Aid" (M3M), the organization director Dr. Wim De Ceukelaire visited UHWC to follow up the implemented project " A Strong Social Movement for the right to health" and to plan to future cooperation with UHWC through implementing upcoming projects and programs.

Where Dr. Wim during his visit (28-29 March 2016) met with UHWC Executive Director / Dr. Tayseer Al Sultan, UHWC Projects Manager , and Program Coordinator / Mohammed Salha, through which they discussed 3 major issues, one of which was about following up the activities that have been implemented through the program from the beginning of the year, and the activities that will be implemented during the program duration end of Dec. 2016.

Thus, Dr. Wim presented a quick presentation about the partnership meeting that was held in last February in Belgium, where all partners with M3M attended this meeting but UHWC representatives were not able to participate because of the imposed siege on the Gaza Strip.

Moreover, Dr. Wim highlighted the possibility of implementing a future regional program that will be designed to be implemented over 5 years, and UHWC to be part of it with partner organizations from West bank , Philippines and Congo, the main goal of the youth program is to call for right to health and social movement, which will include integration and building network from the Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to play an active role in implementing activities and to participate in the community initiatives and advocacy campaigns that will be implemented within the program.

It's worth mentioning that the implemented program "Strong Social Movement for the right to health" that is implemented through UHWC health and community centers along the Gaza Strip, with partnership with many CBOs, is aiming at making positive change in the Palestinian community and design community initiatives through which they contribute to reduce the aggravation of the problem or to highlight the problems related to the health of individuals and communities.

Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC) ensures the importance of merging Youth in serving community and emphasizing the voluntary work, reaching a community that is able to make the required positive change, meanwhile, it calls for the importance of networking and partnership with local and international institutions to implement projects and health community programs.

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