For the first time - resection of Vesico-vaginal fistula is conducted at al Awda Hospital

Al Awda Hospital – Largest Facility to UHWC in Jabalia-  announced conducting the first resection of  Vesico-vaginal fistula to a 44 years old patient, where she underwent hysterectomy 6 months ago in one of Gaza Strip hospitals and later she complained with having Vesico-vaginal fistula, where it led to  urination through vagina  , and uncontrolled and spontaneous urination.


From her side, the patient said that during the passing months, she was unable to leave the home because of the uncontrolled urination, therefore she was forced to stay home, and to wear diapers day and night , and this led to have ulceration and infection.

Additionally, her relationship with her husband was negatively been affected, because of the uncontrolled urination and urine vaginal leak.


The 44 years old patient, underwent resection of Vesico-vaginal fistula surgical operation at Al Awda Hospital on the 3rd of August 2015 by Consultant Urological Surgeon / Dr. Ali Haboub, where after they installed folly catheter, and the patient was discharged after 2 days on 5th of August 2015, after making sure her situation was stable and she is well recovering with no complications or suffering.


Thus, the folly catheter was removed after 10 days and the patient was able to go back to her normal life and to normal urination without any urine vaginal leak.

From his side, the consultant urological surgeon at Al Awda hospital who conducted the surgical operation / Dr. Ali Haboub, said that this surgical operation is considered to be one of the rare and complicated cases that require high experience to conduct it, he also pointed out that during the course of his medical experience, he successfully was able to do a bladder reconstruction, radical cystectomy, and perform many complex surgeries through his eight years working in Syria.

Dr. Haboub pointed that they wished to have at Al Awda hospital a urological unit with an international standards, to satisfy the needs of the urological patients.

The patient added that because of the help of Allah, and then harnessing the skilled hands of medical specialists such as Dr. Ali, she was able to go back to normal life and to normal urination, and to practice her life normally and regained self confidence in front of herself, her husband and her children.

It is worth mentioning that, within Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC) program to attract and bring experienced  and qualified the Palestinian specialists, UHWC received Dr. / Ali Haboub - consultant  urogenital tract surgery, who had a doctorate degree in the urogenital tract surgery tract and kidney transplantation from Damascus University, and a member of the European Association of Urology, and has highly experienced in conducting of all surgical procedures in the urinary tract and congenital malformations in children.

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