Delegation from the Italian Development Cooperation Unit visits Al AWda Hospital

A delegation from the Italian Development Cooperation /Unit – Consultant General of Italy visted Al Awda Hospital headed by the Director / Vincenzo Racalbuto and the Communication Officer / Francesca Nardi, to see the services provided through Al Awda Hospital and to discuss future cooperation between both organization.

The delegation was accompanied with one of UHWC founders / Dr. Rabah Muhanna, UHWC Executive Director / Dr. Tayser Al Sultan, Al Awda Director / Dr. Yousef Al Swaity, Director of Admin directorate / Marwan Abu Naser, UHWC Projects Director / Jehn Al Aklouk, , Al Awda Admin Director / Marwan Al Hwaihi, and UHWC Public Relation Coordinator / Haneen wishah and others, where they have a tour inside the hospital starting from Neonatal ICU, then to the delivery room and  the outpatient clinic, where after they had a tour inside the operations rooms and was told about the Australian medical Delegation who came in its 10th mission to conduct sophisticated surgeries in the Pediatric Urology .


Thus, the needs of UHWC and Al Awda Hospital were discussed and the  obstacles facing UHWC were high lightened, moreover the problem of securing fuel all the time to be able to run the generators during the very long hours of power cut, is one obstacles that is facing UHWC.

The delegation also discussed with the Executive management the possibility of installing solar cells to replace them with the generators , where after they talked about the means of cooperation in the near future. 

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