Appeal to Secure Medications, Disposables and Fuel

8 July 2014


Appeal to Secure Medications, Disposables and Fuel



Gaza strip now is under fire and stands on a new slop which will deteriorate the situation from bad to worse due to the approval of the new Israeli military operation “Protective Edge” that was approved today (8 July 2014) by the Israeli Cabinet and launched by the Israeli forces against Gaza and its innocent women, men, old age people and children.


Al Awda Hospital, largest facility to Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC), locates in the north of Gaza Strip – the most crowded and deprived area, where historically known to be firstly exposed to Israeli invasions and incursions, and recorded a leading role in dealing with causalities and conducting surgical operations in the past Israeli wars in the Gaza strip.


In Emergency situation, Al Awda Hospital considered a frontline hospital, it proved its ability to deal with lots of causalities and injuries, knowing that it services the surrounding livings around 335,000 inhabitants, and all causalities receive free services during crises.


Due to the current situation, Al Awda Hospital is afraid of running out of backups quantities of medications, disposables and fuel, so that we call for coordination in securing quantities of medications and medical disposables in order to be ready to cope with the urgent situation by providing the appropriate health services to the people of Gaza.


Making fuel available to the hospital is an important issue to be able to work round the clock (during power cut which lasts daily around 12 hours) to be able to help injuries and conduct surgical operations, knowing that the backup quantities of fuel at Al Awda hospital will be available only for few days and then we will be suffering a acute humanitarian crisis.


UHWC and al Awda Hospital are seeking your help in supporting with medications, medical disposables and fuel, so we can respond quickly to the current situation and provide the appropriate required health services to the needy in a timely manner.





Union of Health Work Committees


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  • solidaridad internacional andalucia

    First of all, we hope you are fine and in health. We are preparing a demand of funds to the Andalusian Government in order to allow 300.000 € for your emergency necessities. Could you please send us a mail in order to provide the information we need to present. We have contacted and we haven't had a response. thnaks, Dora Wachsmann

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