Al Awda Health Center

Last updated: Sun, 27 Oct, 2013, 11:02 time Jerusalem

Al Awda Health center established in 1989 after the first Palestinian Intifada as a first trial to find alternatives for providing health services, to those in the Governmental centers which was at that time under the control of the Israeli Occupation, and many of the freedom fighters were arrested while they were having medical care at the governmental hospitals or at the Governmental Primary health care centers.

 From this point, the idea of establishing the center as an incubator to the Palestinian freedom fighters who were chased by the Israeli Occupation Forces.

 The center was developed to meet the needs of the people in Rafah either by its specialists clinics or by the supportive medical services.

 The center provides the following services:

First: Outpatient clinics:

Genera medicine and Emergency services.

Specialist Clinics:

General Surgery


Dental clinic


Internal medicine and cardiovascular






Speech Therapy



 Second : psychosocial and Legal services:

The center offers  a comprehensive program of psychosocial and legal services under the supervision of qualified specialists in order to offer the services to people interactively to ensure the World Health Organization definition about the definition of Health " Health is a state of integration between social , psychological , and physical Health "

 Third : Health Education and Community awareness:

The center offers awareness services to achieve the principle of " Prevention is better than cure " where the team of the health education and community awareness offers workshops, seminars, and training sessions to raise Heath awareness  and reduce injuries and complications that resulting from diseases.


  • Al Awda Health Center – Rafah offers health services and disburse the necessary treatment for the contracted organizations and staff with the insurance companies ( Trust , Al Wataniya , United Global Company).
  • The Medication is sold at very charitable prices and is suitable for all.


Fourth : Supportive Medical Departments:






 The Radiology department has been developed in line with the technological  development , to facilitate the life for whole people in general, and to give a computerized and saved results that can be available at any time, in this context the Radiology services has been developed in the center by outfitted it with a Digital system for digital Radiology which gives a very  specific results and high quality in the image without any side effects or damage in the environment.


This step comes in line with reducing the radiology service's prices to suit the bad economic situation in Gaza strip and to support our people in their difficult lives as a way of eliminating the suffering.

 Believing in the importance of providing comprehensive health services, and the important of following up with our patients, It was observed recently that a lot of patients are suffering from the difficult access to specialist centers to take diagnostic biopsy for histopathological examination, and with the increase of the number of people with cancer linked to the last Israeli aggression on the Gaza strip , and  using the forbidden weapons against the people of Gaza.

 As a result of that, the management of the center worked hard to attract specialized doctors in Radiology and Ultrasound to take diagnostic biopsy using Ultrasound and do the  histopathological examination in specialized and trusted centers with low prices in light of the very bad people' s economic situation in the Gaza strip.

 Services provided in the Radiology Department :

Basic x-Ray.



Intravenous pyeloureterography (I.V.P)

Hysterosalpingography (H.S.G)

Barium meal

Barium Enema

Other Radiological Services

 Ultrasound :

Ultrasound unit offers diagnostic services with the latest  technologies and by skilled specialists that are well known in Gaza to serve our people by providing all diagnostic services in the field of Ultrasound such as : abdomen , pelvis , endocrines and breast or anything else by using the  Ultrasound  and all of that with low prices to suit all beneficiaries.

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