Al-khaireya Health and Medical Center

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 Al Khayria Health and community center is one of Union of Health Work committees Centers (UHWC)  in AL Nuseirat refugee camp in the middle area of  Gaza Strip, where it is located 8 kilometers away from Gaza city  and had a population about 123838 inhabitant . Believing in the value of life and the right for everyone to access the best level of health care , the idea came up for establishing Al khayria Health and Community center which was founded in 1989 as a simple clinic consisted of only two rooms providing  the necessary health services for general medicine, pharmacy services and dental services to the people of the Middle Gaza strip  especially the children of Al Nuseirat refugee camp. It's worthy to note that the prices are charitable that come in line with the philosophy of  UHWC (Health service is a right to whoever needs it ) . According to the difficult situations the people are living in, UHWC took a step forward to  improve and develop the services provided to all beneficiaries.  

The primary Health care center (PHCC ) was developed to be a PHCC  fourth level in terms of the number of  specialties and medical  services and the center  was moved opposite Al Nuseirat refugee camp squire  to help all patients and needy people In order to provide them with all services that they need throughout the day . And because  UHWC always aim  to provide the best health services, a new center was established consisting of four floors on an area of 500 square meters funded by different donors such as the Federal Republic of Germany through the German Development Bank.

 The center provides its health services to patients through the following specialized departments  and clinics:-

Emergency and daily care :- where a trained and qualified doctors provide a medical services to patients through this best-equipped department by using modern and medical equipments to receive all emergency cases, besides having qualified Nursing staff to help the doctors in providing services.

The Dental clinic:- the clinic equipped with modern and developed  dental unit and staffed by a qualified doctors, the clinic provides its services to patients ,implements all fillings and prosthesis and treats all teeth and gum diseases with the latest tools and best equipments.

 Obstetrics and Gynecology diseases and reproductive Health  clinic:-

The clinic staffed by a qualified and specialists doctors and equipped with ultrasound and modern tools that enable specialists to provide a comprehensive service to patients. Moreover a reproductive health programs  is  also implemented in the clinic.

Internal Medicine Clinic:- This clinic receives, checks up, and treats patients by professionals .

Eye, Nose, Throat (E.N.T.) clinic :- This clinic equipped with the latest equipment and  the necessary tools to check up and treat  all  patients.

Dermatology diseases clinic:- equipped with all necessary equipments  to examine patients, staffed by distinguished specialists.

Urology clinic:- The clinic staffed by a qualified consultants and equipped with ultrasound that enable specialists to provide a comprehensive service to patients.

Orthopedic Clinic:- this clinic is well-equipped to receive patients with orthopedic diseases and it is providing the service under the supervision of specialist doctors.

Ophthalmology clinic:- this clinic equipped with modern medical devices which help specialists  to have a accurate check up for eye diseases and  skilled specialists are providing the service.

General Surgery Clinic:-this clinic receives patients, specialists are doing a comprehensive check up to them and  providing them with  the necessary services.

Pediatric clinic:- this clinic receives sick children through its  high experienced specialists and staff. Due to UHWC philosophy , we pay special  attention to children and mothers.

Speech therapy clinic:- there are many skilled specialists who work in this clinic. This  clinic provides training to help people with speech and language problems to speak more clearly

Laboratory:- provides all laboratory tests, hormones  by using the latest medical equipment.

Pharmacy :-  provides the necessary medicines to primary care patients  and specialist  clinics with chartable prices.

Radiology department:- provides all kinds of  X-Rays services.

 Health Education and Community awareness:-

Health education is considered the backbone of the heath work  as its one of the most important components of primary health care, which aims at providing education and health services and community awareness for the people , especially the marginalized ones in the society, such as women and children.

 The management of the centre and through its working health staff took the initiative to carry out several educational lectures, seminars and awareness session discussing health and community topics, besides distributing of some health bulletins and educational materials a line with implanting activities inside and outside the center, to continue connected with a number of civil society institutions, schools and kindergartens to spread health awareness among our people as much as possible, and to inform the people of the center with its provided health and community services.

 Its worthy to note that Al Khayira health center offers health services and disburse the necessary treatment and medication  to the contracted organizations and staff of the insurance companies  ( Trust , Al Wataniya, United Global Company).

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