Al Luhaidan Health and Medical Center

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Al Luhiedan Health and Community center established in 1986 in Jabalia refugee camp in the north of Gaza strip, to serve the Inhabitants of the area and  in particular Jabalia refugee Camp. The center provides primary Health care services besides the specialist clinics, equipped with the latest medical devices to help in diagnosis and treatment, which contributed practically in professional performance development to serve our people  in the field of  diagnosis and treatment and with charitable prices to apply our slogan " Health Serve is a right to whoever needs it " and to remain supportive to the poor and needy.  Therefore, the center  provides Health services to patients through the following specialists departments and clinics:-

Emergency and Daily care:- Where a qualified and talented doctors provide medical services to patients through this equipped  department with up to date devices and medical equipments to be able to receive all emergency cases and to help the doctors in providing the service , there is a qualified nursing staff that help  the doctors in providing  the best service.

Dental clinic:- Equipped with a modern dental unit and staffed by qualified doctors with high experience, the clinic provides dental services to patients where making all fillings and prosthesis and  addressing  all teeth and gum diseases with the latest and best equipments and devices, besides using the scientific means of sterilization to maintain patient safety.

Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Health Clinic:-

Specialists doctors supervise this clinic, which equipped with an Ultrasound device and modern tools that enable specialists to provide a comprehensive service to patients, besides implementing a reproductive health programs in this clinic.

Ear-Nose-Throat (E.N.T) clinic : This clinic equipped with the latest equipment and tools to check out and treat E.N.T patients, also staffed by skilled specialists.

Dermatology and skin care clinic:- Fully equipped with the necessary equipments to examine patients and staffed by skilled specialist, there is a developed device to remove the corns and warts without any  pain, and in one session.

Urology Clinic :-The clinic is staffed by skilled specialists and consists of an Ultrasound device  for urogenital tract , to give an accurate diagnosis to patients.

Orthopedic  Clinic: This clinic is well-equipped and ready to receive patients and bone fractures and providing service under the supervision of highly experienced  doctors to deal with these types of diseases.

Ophthalmology Clinic:- This clinic is staffed by  the  most skilled doctors with high experience, and equipped with a modern medical devices to help specialists in accurate examination.

Pediatrics:-This clinic is staffed by qualified specialists and receives sick children applying UHWC philosophy that we pay special attention to children and mothers.

Ultrasound Clinic: This clinic is equipped with the latest Ultrasound devices to image the various areas of the body to help specialists in having accurate diagnosis. Also this clinic provides imaging to " abdominal, breast, endocrines, blood vessels,  testicles, pregnancy and fetus gender".

Laboratory:-To provide all medical tests and hormones with the latest modern  laboratory equipments and under the supervision of the most skilled specialists.

Provides necessary medicines to primary care patients and specialized clinics with charitable prices.


 Al Luhaidan Health center offers services to patients of the contracted organizations and institutions with the insurance companies( Trust , Al Wataniya , United Global Company).

 The Medication is sold at very charitable prices and is suitable for all .


Jabalia refugee camp – opposite to Jabalia Services Club

- Telephone No. : 2485335 

- Mobile : 0598680233

We wish safety for all