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Last updated: Tue, 14 Jul, 2015, 10:01 time Jerusalem

The idea of establishing the Poor Patient Support Fund started from the establishment of Al Awda hospital where this fund targets the poor who can’t afford paying the cost of services provided at Al Awda hospital, especially the expenses of surgical operations (general and the specialist surgeries), mainly which is not available in the governmental hospitals despite it is less than the cost price.


Thus, for Al Awda Hospital to reach the most needy patients and the marginalized ones, the administration of the hospital participated the local community in identifying the needs of the people and evaluating poor cases, to make sure that the arrival of such assistance to the appropriate ones, as a step forward to promote the role of transparency in the evaluation of those cases.


Hence, a supportive committee consist of 40 persons was formulated to support the hospital, it consists of community figures and leaders of the local community and dignitaries and makhateer in the northern Gaza Strip, from this committee there is a smaller sub-committee called (needy patient support fund Committee) to support the poor patients’ fund where the needy cases from patients are represented to the member of this committees who are distributed in different areas in the northern Gaza strip.  The committee evaluates the social and economic situation of beneficiaries and gives assessment of their status and the proportion of their eligibility for assistance from the fund.


It’s worthy to note that this committee played major role in strengthening the partnership with the local community in which its members are authorized to sing and stamp the assessment related to the evaluation of the economic situation of the needy family, where after to be nominated for the assistance through the needy patient’s fund.


To build on our previous experience, the idea of this project appeared to support 6600 needy cases of the poorest, by totally or partially covering the expenses of the needed surgical operations maternity services, emergency, radiology and lab. services, in line with their economic situation, so as to reach the coverage from 20% to the poor  patient to 100% to the poorest of the poor who is suffering extreme poverty.


The targeted group should meet one or more of the specific criteria that can be summarized in several points:

- Poor patients in remote and marginalized areas in the northern Gaza Strip, especially families that suffer from unemployment.

- Female -headed households.

- Families that suffer from extreme poverty.

- Families that have members with disabilities.

- Families with limited income and have at least one university student.

- Farmer’s families, or who owns houses and were affected or damaged by frequent aggression.


Knowing that your contribution can cover partially or totally the services fees for needy patients, and we will provide you with the list of beneficiaries and the kind of medical interventions.


You Can Download full concept paper by this link

 Concept Paper Needy Patient Support Fund