Rachil Corri Cultural Center

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The center was established in 2003 in Rafah, within the generalization of Al Assria Cultural center experience to work with children adolescents and youth aged between 4-30 years and to contribute in achieving the goal to establish a network of UHWC cultural centers along the Gaza Strip.

The center was named in the memory of the American activist "Rachel Corrie" who was killed by the Israeli Occupation Forces in Rafah – Southern Gaza Strip.

 Program of age groups:

1. The age group from 4-5 years "Zghar – Junior” Program

Believing in the positive role that kindergartens offer and the need for this age group to intervene in the educational and psychological aspects, UHWC cultural centers started working with this group in partnership with kindergartens surrounding UHWC cultural centers within the "Junior" program, which aims to give children positive behavioral and educational skills using active learning methodologies and activation techniques.

 2. The age group from 6-9 years, "Shaqaiq Al No’man” program

In line with mental, emotional growth for this age group, and in light of declining in the moral and educational values ​​in the society, this program is aiming to promote the mental health, educational values ​​and positive behaviors using active learning methodologies and activation techniques.

  3. The age group from 10-13 years, "Zaher Al Romman” program

 In the framework of educating children about their rights in order to increase their knowledge and skills about themselves, UHWC cultural centers started working with this group within Zaher Al Romman Program, which aims to promote mental health, behaviors and positive awareness and advocate for children's rights and needs, using active learning methodologies and activation techniques.

4. The age group from 14-17 years, "Social Movement” program:

UHWC Cultural centers are working with this group through the Social Movement program, which aims to connect youth with the community issues and problems through capacity building in life skills which include (communication, time management, crisis management, influence and persuasion, lobbying and advocacy, knowing the local community, and implementation of community-based initiatives in collaboration with the local community to come out with initiatives that benefit their communities).

 5. The age group from 18-30 years, “Taqaat – Energies” program:

UHWC cultural Center are working with this group through Taqaat – Energies” program, which aims to build the capacity and skills of the youth, with the aim of giving them sufficient experience than enables them to compete in the labor market and promote voluntary teamwork to serve the community and the issues of youth besides offering them several projects through this program, as follows:

- Training in “Preparation of animators in the educational and psycho-social field”.

- Training of Facilitators (ToF)

- Training of Trainers (ToT).

- Training courses in Preparing administrative and Technical Projects Coordinators for children and youth Projects.

- Other specialized courses (such as health education, human rights, gender ... etc)

As well as the program takes care of community and cultural initiatives that should be implemented by youth.

 Libraries Program

 It’s a distinct program that we offer through it a variety of services and activities which aim to promote the habit of reading among children and youth through children's literature (stories discussion, storytelling and movies discussion) and work with youth through literary and poetry clubs and office activities (books discussion, movies discussion and creative writing). This is in addition to the internal and external borrowing for stories and novels and books.

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