Announcement Tender 20/ 2021


Tender 20/ 2021

“Emergency Response in Gaza: Meeting the urgent health needs of vulnerable groups following escalating tensions and conflict funded by MedGlobal"

Companies wishing to participate in the tender must visit Union of Health Work Committees located in Gaza - Al-Nasr - behind Al-Suwaidi Clinic, opposite the Higher Council of the Sharia Court, to obtain the tender documents and the required items from Sunday 15/8/2021 until the end of Wednesday 18/8/2021 for non-refundable fees of $100. Taking into consideration that the deadline of submitting the closed stamped offers is Monday 23/8/2021 at 12:00 pm the time of opening the offers through a public session.

Note: The tender papers have been listed on the UHWC website at the following address: 

For any inquiry, please call:

UHWC unified number 1700400410

Mrs. Nehal Muhanna - Head of Procurement Department 0599605240

Mrs. Wafaa Abu Jasser - Director of the Drugstore 0592991240

The working hours in the UHWC 7:30 am- 15:30 pm except for Saturday.

 To Download Tender Press here

Head of Procurement Department

                                                                                          Nehal Muhanna

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